Monday, 25 July 2011

My day off work

Mary Wood, Coordinator of the Cheltenham Branch, gives us an insight into the day off of a typical Cats Protection volunteer...

8am Cats Protection van is dropped off at my house by our volunteer driver John as he is going on holiday.

8.30am Cleaned out the pen where I have four nine-week-old kittens. It's like painting the Forth Bridge! By the time I have finished, they have upset their biscuits, paddled in the water and all used the clean litter tray!

10am Make some phone calls to potential homes passed on from our Kitten Officer. One couple are very keen and come over straight away to view the kittens. 

12.30pm Call into our branch shop to catch up with Margaret the manager and her team, have a cuppa and buy a lovely new handbag. Margaret is a very good saleswoman as I didn’t even need a new handbag!

2pm Feed the kittens in the pen and retrieve a selection of toys from a now-empty water bowl. Meet with one of our vets to discuss holding our first Homing Day.

3.30pm Take the aforementioned kittens to my local vets for their first vaccinations. Have to book a double appointment to make time for all the paperwork and for the vets to have a cuddle with the kittens.

4.15pm Back home again. Follow up some leads from another branch regarding a good source of new goods to sell at our events – in addition to those from CP – and ask for some samples and price list to be sent. Start to make a list of volunteer roles that we need to fill and adapt job descriptions ready for recruitment drive.

5.30pm Take a call from my friend Jenny who is also Homing and Welfare Officer. She informs me she has had a call from someone who has found five kittens in a shed with no sign of mum, so I take the van with a trap and basket, pick up Jenny and go round to investigate. Leave a trap in the shed to try to catch the mother cat.

6.30pm Back to the vets again! The kittens are basically healthy but covered in fleas and ticks so, after a health check and lots of parasite treatment, back they come with me to a kitten cage in my dining room whilst we find a more permanent space for them – although two have stayed to join my clan.

7pm Clean out the kittens in the pen again. More paddling and throwing of food...

7.30pm Time for a nice glass of wine with dinner and sort out my clothes for work tomorrow after my relaxing day off...


  1. Great post - I would love to do this!!

  2. Sounds like a very 'relaxing' day!! ;) I dread to think what your work-day is like!!

  3. What wonderful work CP does, I can imagine it's very rewarding :)

  4. im going to be volunteering to foster cats soon! cant wait, sounds so rewarding!

  5. u r awesome , giving me faith in humanity

  6. Volunteering for Cats Protection is the best thing any cat lover can do!