Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Can you be one of Homer's Heroes?

It is a month to the day since our mascot, Homer, took to the tracks at the brand new Olympic Stadium as part of the Gold Challenge event...

Homer was up against some tough opponents, but had put in the hours of training in the weeks before the big day by doing laps of the nature trail at the National Cat Centre. "What happened next?" We hear you ask. Well, dear readers, watch this recently unearthed footage to find out...

Yes, the plucky puss came in last by a country mile. Poor Homer! It goes without saying that he feels he has let the charity down, but we know that he gave his best and are proud of him for flying the Cats Protection flag at such a prestigious event.

To make him feel better, we have come up with a new initiative: Homer's Heroes. Yes, the fleeting feline has become a CP fundraising ambassador and you can meet him at our next event in a couple of weeks' time.

The Super Hero Run takes place at London's Regents Park on 13 May and is a 5k or 10k jog or walk with the emphasis on fun! As its name suggests, the idea is to dress up as a super hero costumes are available on signing up. If you sign up by Friday 4 May, you will receive a personalised running vest, a water bottle, a complimentary post-race massage and, best of all, a signed picture of Homer!

Yes, it's soon but why not do something spontaneous while putting the fun into fundraising?!

You can sign up here

Homer is looking forward to meeting his Heroes!    

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