Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Troubled tabby's turnaround tale

Tommy was so fearfully aggressive when he first came into CP’s care that he unnerved vets. He attacked his experienced Fosterer, and she had to be treated at hospital.

But Yvonne Wood, a Fosterer at CP’s Epsom and Ewell Branch, knew by instinct that if she persisted with the long-term stray, he would eventually make a lovely pet.

“He wasn’t an aggressive cat, he was terrified,” Yvonne says. “I wasn’t going to give up on him.”

Tommy had first appeared in the garden of the Branch Co-ordinator Helen Fisher in early 2012. She fed Tommy, gained his trust and managed to trap him, before taking him to Yvonne.

Tommy appeared in Co-ordinator Helen Fisher's garden
The tabby tom was taken for all his vital veterinary checks, vaccinations and neutering, but didn’t like these excursions so home visits were arranged instead. He didn’t appreciate these, either – on one occasion bashing a bowl of biscuits out of a visiting vet’s hand!
CP Fosterer Yvonne gradually gained Tommy's trust
Little by little, Yvonne used her decades of cat fostering experience to help transform Tommy into a friendlier animal. She started by talking to him quietly and getting him used to her presence. After a while, Tommy let Yvonne stroke him.Yvonne says: “He had never taken any notice of his toys before, but he started to play with them. Over the following five or six weeks the change in him was remarkable.”

One day, Yvonne received a phone call from a lady who’d previously rehomed CP cats. Sue Jones’s cats had died, and she and her husband were looking for a new feline friend.

The pair arrived at Yvonne’s house expecting to look at some kittens, but were pointed in the direction of a rather different sort of cat. Burly Tommy trotted across to say hello to them, and they were smitten.

“I looked at this great tabby bruiser who’d been with Yvonne for several months and I thought well ok, he wants to come and live with us,” Sue says. Tommy’s history didn’t worry Sue – she was used to caring for challenging cats.

Tommy loves his new home
Tommy went to live with his new owners in November and – after spending the first day hiding behind the sofa – started to explore his new home. While Tommy ventures outside occasionally, he’s more content to curl up with his owners indoors – and who can blame him?

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hard-luck pair homed happily

Our North Birmingham Branch has cared for black-and-white brothers Mitch and Marcus twice – once after they were dumped in a shed at three weeks old and needed to be hand reared.

The second time, the cats were returned to the branch’s care through no fault of their own. They were brought along to several of the branch’s rehoming days but were repeatedly passed over by potential adopters, as often happens with black and black-and-white felines.

The pair’s luck changed in January, though, when a family from the Cotswolds decided that the monochrome mogs were for them.

New owner Janet, who knows CP volunteer Mary, says: “When Mary told me about these two and their sad story, we just had to view them and take them home. Our eight-year-old son Oliver has already renamed them Rough and Tumble.

Oliver with Tumble
“They’re enjoying their freedom so much we can’t get a photo of them together, they turn up for a fuss one at a time!”

Our branches have lots of black and black-and-white cats looking for homes, so why not consider giving a home to one of these stylish cats?

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Found in a field

Elliott was just six weeks old when he was found in a field, cold and alone, by a member of the public.

The family did what they could for this tiny, filthy, black-and-white kitten. They contacted Cats Protection’s Swindon Branch who took him straight to the vet.

The vet confirmed the little cat had a damaged eye caused by cat flu and various parasites because of his outdoor life, but he was otherwise reasonably healthy.

A happy ending for energetic Elliott
Elliott stayed at the vet to receive treatment, then the branch collected him. With care from CP fosterers, Elliott began to build up his strength and became more playful, developing a love of hiding under the kitchen settle and pouncing on passing people!

The good news is that Elliott has now been adopted by Swindon’s branch treasurer, Jess Knowles, who says: “Elliott is lovely. He is really hyper a lot of the time and spends the majority of his time running around the house skidding into furniture.”

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Black cat first in, first out

Beautiful Misty was the first cat this year to come into the care of CP’s North Birmingham Branch. She was also the first of the branch’s cats to be rehomed in 2013, thanks to the efforts of volunteers.

The dusky feline was taken in by CP on 2 January and was rehomed with Audrey Wright within 24 hours.
Misty's happily settled with new owner Audrey
Branch Fosterer Sheila Pennell, who looked after Misty for the very brief period she was under CP’s wing, says: “It was great to rehome a cat in one day!”

Misty's new owner Audrey had just started looking for another cat as it had been a year since her previous puss, Rosie (also black), died. She wasn’t intending to adopt another black cat, as she thought it would remind her too much of her much-missed pet. But when she met Misty, she quickly changed her mind!

“I picked her up and she let me cuddle her straight away,” says Audrey of her first meeting with Misty.

As Audrey had already had her home visit from the branch, she could offer Misty a home straight away.

Misty has settled in well to her new home with Audrey. She enjoys playing with her cat toys and watching the world go by from the window.

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Hotel kitten's happy home

Last autumn, we told you about a litter of eight kittens and their mother rescued from a hotel roof space by CP’s Fareham & Waterlooville Districts Branch.

Branch volunteeers did a great job of caring for the tiny kittens and their mother, succeeding in finding homes for all of them.

We thought you’d like an update on one of the kittens, Tiger, who was rehomed last September. As you can see, he’s turned into a stunning cat!

Tiger taking it easy in his new home
New owner Theresa Maggs-Hardy says: “Tiger is settling down really well and is becoming a lovely mixture of lap cat and intrepid explorer. He loves climbing trees, teasing the big ginger tom from next door – at a distance – and he’s a big foodie.

“We have a Cocker Spaniel, Meg, who has been lovely with Tiger, even tolerating playful beatings from the little upstart!”
Tiger's first day in his new home, September 2012
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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Holdall kittens rehomed

Do you remember the story we posted last October about the holdall kittens abandoned near Cats Protection’s National Cat Centre in East Sussex?

We're pleased to tell you that we've found loving new homes for all three cats.
All the cats have loving new homes
Last autumn, the five-month-old kittens were discovered by walkers in Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. The cats had been zipped into a filthy holdall and dumped in a car park. The walkers alerted CP staff who searched the area and found the trio. All three – named Piglet, Forest and Fidget – were cared for at CP's National Adoption Centre and recovered well from their ordeal.

They are now all settled in their new homes.

Jayne Parker adopted Piglet (centre of picture). She says: “Piglet is thriving. She plays with my older cat Piccalilli and tries to pinch his food if she has the opportunity! She also plays with my 18-month-old granddaughter. She’s taken well to our family and the whole family has taken to her.”