Thursday, 28 March 2013

Noisy cat needs owner

A Cats Protection branch in Surrey wants to find an owner for a particularly noisy cat.

Pretty 16-year-old Sandy has louder calls than most cats because she is deaf.
Sandy has a loud miaow because she can't hear herself
“Sandy’s miaows have been compared to a baby crying,” says Jacky Eyres, Branch Co-ordinator of CP’s Caterham, Redhill & East Surrey Branch. “Sandy is otherwise healthy, and she’s a friendly cat. There’s a home out there for her somewhere.”

The ginger cat has been with a branch fosterer since December 2012 but hasn’t yet found the permanent home she needs.

Sandy needs a permanent home
Jacky thinks the cat would be best suited to a hearing-impaired owner who would not be disturbed by Sandy’s clamorous early-morning calls. The charity Action on Hearing Loss has publicised Sandy's plight to its members in the hope that one of them will fall for her charms.

The ideal new owner would not have immediate neighbours, young children or other pets. While Sandy can go outside, she would need to be supervised or have an enclosed garden so she doesn’t stray too far.
Sandy needs plenty of attention
Sandy is calmer, and miaows less frequently, when she has plenty of attention, so she’d need an owner who’s at home for at least part of the day.

Could you provide Sandy with the special, permanent home she needs? Or do you know someone who could? Contact the branch on 07868 597359 or email And find out more about adopting a CP cat here

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  1. Oh poor Sandy and at 16 she really needs to be with a permanent family who will love her for who she is.

    I really hope this wonderful girl finds some equally wonderful people to spend the rest of her life with. Take care

  2. awww so cute makes me sad though our cat ran away 2 days ago...