Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Patient pair help cats relax

Kittens Mishy and Murphy – sister and brother – were found living in a garden. The black-and-white cats were nervous when they were brought into Cats Protection’s Haslemere Adoption Centre in Surrey.

While Mishy and Murphy were well looked after at the centre, their timidity meant they were passed over by potential adopters.

A few weeks after they arrived at Haslemere, Kelly Mowatt visited the centre to look for an unusual birthday present for her husband Alan. Experienced cat owners, the couple had lost two of their feline friends the previous year and Kelly thought she’d surprise Alan with another cat.

“I wanted a cat who was in desperate need of a home,” says Kelly. “CP was recommended by a colleague and Haslemere was just down the road from us.”

She says: “Mishy and Murphy stood out because they were the most timid – huddling together, nervous, flinching when you tried to pet them.” 

Kelly and Alan had succeeded with their two formerly-nervous rescue cats Tripod and Pickle so the challenges ahead didn’t bother her.

While Kelly had planned to just adopt one cat, Mishy and Murphy came as a pair so she agreed to take them both on!

The cats went home with Kelly in February, and were very nervous to begin with and hid, which is a natural behaviour cats express when they feel uncertain. Kelly and Alan kept Mishy and Murphy in the back bedroom at first so they could explore their new home gradually.
Mishy (right) and Murphy have gradually settled in to their new home
Over the next three weeks, the couple spent lots of time talking gently to the cats and coaxing them out of their shells with the help of some tasty food. Mishy and Murphy began to respond and bond with their new owners.

The cats have come a long way in a few short months.

Kelly says: “They are very happy, playful cats.  We still have a long way to go and it’s very much on their terms…but they are now ‘talking’ to us with meows, chirrups and purrs.”

Mishy and Murphy like to chatter to the birds and squirrels outside from behind the patio window, while Murphy has discovered that if he continually jumps on and off the bed, his owners will eventually give in and get him breakfast!
The cats like to chatter at the birds on the patio!
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Monday, 12 August 2013

Oil-soaked kitten rescued from gang

Our Wear Valley & Darlington Branch is looking after a kitten rescued from a gang of teenagers who tried to drown him in engine oil.

Ginger Chester, who is around seven weeks old, was saved by a passer-by who spotted the kitten being doused in the toxic substance on 30 July.

Chester was taken to the vets for treatment and to be cleaned up – some of his fur was so soaked with oil that it had to be trimmed.

Chester, pictured with Branch Co-ordinator Marion, after he was cleaned and treated by vets
Photo credit: Northern Echo
He’s now being cared for by the branch, is on antibiotics and – while he still sounds a little raspy from swallowing some of the oil – has been steadily improving.

Branch Co-ordinator Marion Maychell said: “Chester is doing well and seems recovered though does have a few behaviour quirks and fights being handled which is hardly surprising.”

While it’s too soon to say for certain, the branch hopes Chester will make a full recovery and go on to find a loving new home.

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Caring home for cheeky-looking cat

Sometimes a cat's unusual appearance can help it find a new home, and that was certainly the case with Little Mo, who leaves her tongue sticking out of her mouth!

Indoor cat Little Mo was being looked after by Cats Protection's Lichfield & Tamworth Branch, who'd rescued her from a multi-cat household. Michelle Thomas was looking for an indoor cat, and visited Mo, who was in a comfortable, large pen at the home of her CP Fosterer, Denise.

Michelle says: "Little Mo was high up on a shelf, with her little white paws and her tongue out. I think it was the tongue that did it, and I thought she looked so cute and had beautiful eyes."

Little Mo was rehomed with Michelle earlier this year, and after some initial shyness has blossomed into a delightful, friendly pet. She enjoys playing games with Michelle around the flat, sits on her lap and has a typically-feline interest in boxes.

"If I bring a box back home she has to jump straight in and sit there, it makes me laugh," says Michelle.

As she's a first-time cat owner Michelle is very grateful for the advice she received from the branch. "I would highly recommend adopting a cat from Cats Protection, the help and information I got was excellent."

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