Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Call to take action for pets in European Parliament

At the weekend Cats Protection’s Chief Executive Peter Hepburn spoke at a Eurogroup for Animals event calling on the European Parliament to take action for pets.

The talk, which is available to download from our website, explains that while millions of cats and dogs are well-cared for, sadly, many are still seen as purely a source of income and are used solely for breeding for commercial trading.

Poor Lily, for example, came into the care of Cats Protection with her four kittens. She was 10 years old and had been used for breeding over and over, all her life. This length of demand on her poor little body had taken its toll and she was suffering severe kidney failure. The vet explained that there was nothing more we could do for her. Her kidneys would not hold out much longer and the kindest thing we could do was end her suffering and have her put to sleep.

White queen Lily
Beautiful Lily
It was then a race to get her tiny kittens fully weaned as they were still just a few weeks old – much earlier than we would normally wean but we didn’t want to compromise her welfare.

White kittens
Lily's little kittens
In the interests of trade, this poor cat suffered kidney failure and lost her life. These kittens lost their mother.

Every day, whether it is 100 puppies in a puppy farm or 100 kittens in 25 domestic kitchens, animals are suffering and consumers are being misled and this is happening in a poorly regulated trade.

And this is where European legislation is key.

Cats Protection is a member of Eurogroup for Animals, a membership organisation campaigning on behalf of animals in Europe. Peter Hepburn was invited to speak at their event in the European Parliament.


  1. There should be a pet licence. Everyone who wants a pet should pay for a yearly licence. All animals should be registered, micro chipped and neutered. Except registered breeds, but they would have to have the puppies microchipped. All potential dog owners should have to have person training. There should be compulsory animal care and education in schools. Prison sentences for cruelty and neglect, and on release, they should have to do community work, working with animals. Stop the sale of pets in pet shops, by local advertisements or Internet. Just some of my thoughts on the subject.

    1. Completely agree with you Wendy Brown, ALL animals!!

  2. its shocking that people can treat animals like a commodity rather than a trusted and beloved pet.

  3. This story made me feel so sad, poor cat. Not a life I would want for my rescue cat. No cat should be used like this, it is not acceptable.

  4. Our cat was a rescued cat, his mother plus others were used like this poor cat, to breed over & over again. We got our lovely boy when he was 4 months old after having been neglected by his owners, thankfully the rspca got involved& all the cats were rehomed. We have had buzz for 5 years now & he is so spoilt lol, we regularly take him to the vet's for checkups etc. Wouldn't hurt him or any other animals.

  5. Such irresponsible people should be shamed, how would they like to treated the way they treat these animal's.
    So many also being left to fend for themselves, young females not spayed, getting pregnant, having litters which then are hard to rehome or worst.
    WHY CANNOT HUMANS take responsibility and get animal neutered etc, give them a loving furever home.

  6. damn right disgusting if you ask me. i would never have a kitten or buy a pedigree one, i only have rescue ones. i have three cats at the moment , two from cp, and one that was being put up for adoption because she had had a new puppy that chased this cat whom she'd had for four years, the puppy seven weeks , but decided to get rid of the cat. her loss my gain is all i can say.

  7. Heart breaking. No animal should be exploited like poor girl

  8. It is about time that the government got tough on animal welfare. I have volunteered for the RSPCA for many years and it is sickening what sold called humans do to pets. We should be like New Zealand and fetch in tagging for all dogs and micro- chipping for all cats. No tag or microchip then receive a very heavy fine, which should then be passed on to animal charities.