Thursday, 16 October 2014

New home for kittens abandoned by roadside

A post from Natalie Ross-Smith, Guildford & Godalming Branch

While rushing around, busy with lots of chores, Elspeth Rijbroek, newsletter editor at the Guildford & Godalming Branch spotted a box, discarded at the side of a noisy road. At first she thought it was just litter, but then she noticed a tail sticking out of it. Rushing over, she found two cute, scared little kittens.

With her husband’s help the kittens were quickly taken to the nearest Cats Protection fosterer where they were warmed, watered, fed and cuddled!

Hungry kittens Storm and Lucy
Hungry kittens Storm and Lucy
The gorgeous little pair had obviously been loved; they were clean, well behaved and confident around people. A vet check-up confirmed that they were in perfect health too. We’re not quite sure what lead them to being dumped by the side of the street.

Lucy kitten miaowing at the camera
Storm kitten playing with feathers
We’re pleased to say that Storm and Lucy have found a forever home with a lovely family in Bramley. They are already loved and much a part of the tribe!

Two kittens playing together
Storm and Lucy playing together

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