Monday, 29 February 2016

Poppy is blossoming in her new home

Remember Poppy, the malnourished, flea-ridden kitten that was signed over to the care of Cats Protection’s Gosport Town Branch?

Tiny underweight Poppy
Poppy was was underweight and infested with fleas and worms 
Thanks to plenty of love and care, slowly but surely Poppy progressed and gained weight. Read her story here.

Last week, Poppy’s fosterer Chris went to visit her to see how she's getting on in her new home.

“Poppy really has gone from rags to riches,” said Chris. “She has a very large house to play in and a large garden. Poppy has grown since she was adopted and has lovely thick glossy coat. She still plays with all her favourite toys and loves playing in the conservatory and watching the wildlife in the garden.”

Chris took a few photos of Poppy but she was far too busy to sit still for a photo session!

Poppy relaxing in her new home
Poppy relaxing in her new home
Poppy is enjoying life in her new home
Enjoying life in her new home
We’re all so pleased that Poppy is looking well and has settled into her new home.

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