Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A tragic tale leads to a happy ending

Last month a lady called Sian posted a heart-breaking note on our national Facebook page about her mum’s cat, Pepper who had fallen into an open water butt and drowned.

We shared the post to encourage fellow cat lovers to ensure their own water butts are covered to stop the same thing happening. There was a real outpouring of support with lots of people offering their condolences.

Warning about the safety of water butts

Sian saw the supportive messages and told her mum, Marion, who then came onto our page to read them. While she was on our page, she spotted an appeal for a Tiggy, a five-year-old black cat who needed a home. It was love at first sight!

“My mum, a little bit of a Facebook dinosaur, came onto the page to see all the lovely comments from our post,” says Sian.

“In doing so, she spotted that a day or two before, you had shared a plea for a cat called Tiggy from the Macclesfield Branch whom she contacted and, well, the rest is history!

Tiggy being hugged by her new owner Marion

 “Mum says: ‘My lovely new furry baby. Thanks Anita and Cats Protection Macclesfield for letting us adopt her. Tiggy is settling in wonderfully and has picked her spot on the settee already xx’

“Thanks for sharing our Pepper's story, and also for uniting my mum with Tiggy.

“From Sian, Cats Protection Crawley xx”

Tiggy has picked her spot on the sofa

If you’re interested in adopting a cat, you can search using our Find-a-cat tool at www.cats.org.uk/find-a-cat

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