Friday, 7 October 2016

Ain’t misbehaving – scratching

Welcome to the third animation in our ‘Ain’t misbehaving’ series, where we’re busting cat behaviour myths. This week, we’re chatting about scratching.

Myth: A cat who scratches the furniture is being deliberately destructive or vengeful…

Cats scratch to leave their mark and scent as a signal; and to keep their claws in good condition.

Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow says: “Scratching is a normal behaviour so they need a decent scratch post to express this natural cat need.”

If a cat starts scratching indoors, it doesn’t mean that they’re being naughty. Don’t tell them off as it could make the behaviour worse.

Take your cat to the vet for a health-check to rule out any medical reasons for the scratching. Your vet may refer you to a qualified behaviourist to help identify the causes.

Give your cat a tall, sturdy scratching post and put it next to the area where they scratch. It should be tall enough to allow your cat to scratch at full stretch – ensure it has a vertical weave to let them drag their claws downwards.

Cover the furniture in an unappealing material such as plastic or foil until the cat is using the post regularly.

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  1. One of my cats scratches at a bedroom door & the carpet in our bedroom every night any time between 0145 to 0530 as well as meowing & pawing at my head, this has been going on for months! He's now fed before we go bed but it hasn't stopped hi . I think its part for attention, part hunger & habit, in fact he's scratching now & we've not long finished playing & the treats in an egg box!! Help me!!!!!

    1. Sorry to hear about this. Please read our blog post on night time waking, as you might find it useful: