Monday, 16 January 2017

Get cosy with hygge

Hygge (pronouched hoo-gah), is a Danish concept that has really struck a chord with us in the UK. Although there isn’t an English word that perfectly captures the true meaning of hygge, it roughly translates as cosiness, conviviality, togetherness and intimacy.

Over winter Danes are wrapped up getting hygge. They’re relaxing in candlelit rooms, eating dinner with friends and getting fresh pastries from the bakery.

Today, 16 January, is Blue Monday – reportedly the most miserable day of the year – so we thought we’d share some of our top tips for cat lovers to embrace the Danish art of hygge.

How to ward off Blue Monday

  • Spending time with your cat – a study carried out in conjunction with the Mental Health Foundation has shown that cats have a positive impact on our wellbeing. You can strengthen your bond with your cat by playing with them – a feather fishing rod toy is ideal. Remember not to use your fingers and toes as part of a game as this can encourage kittens to direct predatory behaviours towards you.
  • Have a colouring in session – colour your way to peace and calm by getting arty with our feline colouring illustration (download here). 
  • Relish a purr – the soothing sound of a cat’s purr has therapeutic benefits for their owners, so enjoy!
  • Treat yourself – why not indulge yourself and your cat by getting to some gifts that will help you to fully adopt hygge?

Creating the perfect hygge night in

Knitted Cat Microwavable Hottie

This feline-shaped hottie is the perfect companion for those long cold nights. The insert is heatable in the microwave and it smells of lavender, perfect for a snuggly night in.

Feline-shaped hottie

Knitted Cat Eye Mask

Get the best night’s sleep with this lavender-scented satin eye mask.
Lavender-scented cat eye mask

Knitted Cat Hand Warmers

These adorable cat knitted hand warmers will have your hands toasty in no time – just click the metal disc inside, pop in your coat pockets and you’re good to go!

Cat knitted hand warmers

From Kittens with Love Hot Chocolate Mug

This winter-themed cat print mug is perfect for a delicious hot chocolate while sitting in front of the fire. It even has a decorated spoon that slots into the handle.
Festive cat mug

Let it Snow Jigsaw

Team up with your loved ones and enjoy a good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle.

Festive scene jigsaw puzzle

Top Cat Bath Mallow

Made from natural butters and infused with pure Neroli and sweet orange essential oils, this kitty bath bomb will leave your skin feeling lovely and soft.
Kitty bath bomb

Winter Village Candle

Candles are hygge heaven so enjoy the soft, cosy lighting this festive candle creates while you’re cuddled up on the sofa. Never leave a cat alone with a candle though!

Festive candle

Cosy Cats Tea Cosy

Keep your teapot snug this winter with this fun cat-shaped tea cosy.

Cat-shaped tea cosy

Diamanté Cat Gloves

Rock cold days in style with these gorgeous soft grey diamanté cat gloves.
Sparkly cat gloves

Hygge for your cat

Don’t leave your cat out of the mix; these gorgeous beds will allow your pet to snuggle up in cold evenings too.

Snuggle Plush Pyramid Cat Bed 

This cosy plush cat bed is ideal for cat napping – and it’s fully washable.

Plush cat bed

Kumfy Kradle

Attach this radiator bed to your radiator and your cat has a warm sleeping spot – why haven’t these been invented for humans yet?!

Cat radiator bed

If you fancy winning some cat-themed hygge products, keep an eye on our national Facebook page today (Monday 16 January) for details.

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