Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Keeping your cat cool in warm weather

The rising temperature in the warmer months can cause our pets to overheat, so follow the steps in our video to ensure your moggy doesn’t fall foul of the summer sun.

Here are some tips:

  • provide plenty of shade both inside and out. Think shrubs, cat hides and boxes!
  • place fans around the house to keep the air circulating. Don’t point fans directly at your cat though
  • freeze a bottle of water, wrap it in a towel or pillowcase and place it where your cat regularly goes. Ensure your cat can get away from the bottle if they choose and the bottle doesn’t leak!

Frozen bottle of water
You can freeze a bottle of water and wrap it in a towel to keep your cat towel
Hydration is key! Encouraging your cat to drink more can be done in these ways:
  • place water bowlsaway from food bowls
  • avoid plastic bowls. Use glass, ceramic or metal instead and make sure they are large with a big surface area
  • keep the water topped up so your cat doesn’t have to put their heads into the bowls or are left without any water at all
  • many cats prefer running water so try offering a cat fountain.
  • putting water bowls in different places around the house will help cats always find somewhere to drink

Exposure to the sun can be a trigger-factor for a type of cancer that is more commonly seen in cats with unpigmented, white ears or noses so it is certainly a good idea to try to offer some protection, even though we know how much cats love to lie in the sun! If your cat has white fur try keeping them inside between 10am and 3pm when the sun is at its hottest and speak to a vet about suitable sunblock for cats.

If you are concerned about your cat’s health in the heat, have an elderly cat or kitten in poor health please speak to a vet.

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