Monday, 25 September 2017

Top names of Cats Protection kittens revealed

Every year Cats Protection cares for hundreds of kittens that don’t yet have a home to call their own. Some will arrive with their name already assigned, but often it’s down to the charity’s volunteers and staff to pick out a suitable moniker for each tiny moggy they take under their wing.

Of course, every cat is unique, but some names have proven to be particularly popular for the kittens that come to our branches and adoption centres for some TLC. Here are the top names given to male and female kittens adopted from Cats Protection between June 2016 and May 2017.

Top female kitten names:
  1. Poppy
  2. Daisy
  3. Willow
  4. Luna
  5. Holly

Top male kitten names:
  1. Charlie
  2. George
  3. Teddy
  4. Oreo
  5. Harry

Interestingly, the first placed names are the same as those that came out on top in our 2014 survey of cat names from around the UK, as you can see from the infographic below.

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Do you have a Poppy or Charlie adopted from Cats Protection? Or have you opted for a more unusual name for your beloved moggy? Share the story behind your cat’s name by leaving a comment below or by getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter!


  1. we have Sir Basil the Black and Sir Dill the Magnificent, have also been owned by Arkwright, Granville and Gladys Emmanuel, Ginger Biscuit and Genghis Cant

  2. My 7yr old cat came with the name Tabitha and,as she had three owners before me, she had had two other names as well but she didn't answer to any of them. The day after I got her I was alone with her for several hours so, as I played with her, I tried various words out and the only word she reacted to was Marble so that became her name - she has many nicknames as well though!

  3. My two cats, sister and brother from the same litter, are Florence and Zebedee. You probably have to be over 40 and British to get the reference.

  4. Oh, Anonymous, my brother and sister black twins are called Florence and Zenas - named after my grandparents.
    It hadn't even occurred to me that they were so similar to the MR names!
    Years ago, my daughter had two named Florence and Dylan, but I hadn't thought of that when I named mine. She was clearly inspired by MR too!

  5. My cat came with the name henry. He answered to it, as was there for 10 months, and has had a few nicknames at home that he answers to, namely my boy, as he’s my one and only!!

  6. Two of our cats are called Toffee (a feisty tiny female) & Pepper (a big handsome boy, who looks just like his missing Uncle Percy)!
    Also, another sweetie Biscuit who came to visit, but haven't seen him since Feb '13 ;( and there was a cheeky visitor named Poppy who came to stay for a short while last Jan through to March! X