Monday, 16 April 2018

Preparing for your new cat or kitten - checklist

Are you anticipating a new arrival to your home? If you’ve decided to rehome a cat or kitten, you’ve probably already started thinking about what you’ll need to buy.

While a change of environment can often be stressful for a cat, understanding their needs will help you to prepare for your new pet.

To help you get set up, here’s our checklist. You can find a digital version below. Download it, print it off and take it shopping with you – it’s got everything you’ll need to prepare for your new cat or kitten.
What does my cat need?
● One food bowl and one water bowl. Remember to place them away from each other, as most cats don’t like to eat in the same place that they drink

● Food and water. Wondering what to feed your cat? You can find out more about their nutritional needs at

● A comfortable bed. Cats need a safe place to sleep and whatever you buy should be soft and warm. Don’t be surprised if they spend their time lazing in every warm spot except their bed, however!

● An uncovered litter tray. Keep it far away from your cat’s food and water area – unsurprisingly, cats aren’t comfortable toileting where they eat

● Access to a high spot. A place where cats can view their surroundings make them feel safe. A simple cardboard box in a high place is suitable

● A scratching post. Scratching is a natural part of cat’s behaviour and helps keep their claws trim. Make sure you choose something sturdy!

● A brush. Grooming is important, especially for longhaired cats

● Toys. Toys are great for playtime and are essential for keeping indoor cats occupied. They don’t have to be expensive, either. A simple fishing rod toy will do the trick

● Cat carrier. While you might not need it too often, a cat carrier is the safest way to transport your feline to essential vet visits. Choose something well ventilated and sturdy

For more advice on welcoming a cat into your home and getting them settled in, visit 

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