Monday, 30 July 2018

6 signs that your cats are best friends

If you share your home with more than one cat, you may have wondered if they really like each other or if they simply tolerate having the other one around.

Cats are usually solitary creatures, preferring to be the only moggy in their mansion, but sometimes they can form a special bond with a fellow furry friend.

 How do you tell if your cats are friends? Here are six signs to look out for…
  1. They head-butt each other. Don’t worry, not in an aggressive way! By rubbing their heads and cheeks against those of their friends, cats leave behind a scent that helps remind them that this moggy shares their group scent and can be trusted. They do this with their human friends too, as well as the occasional item of furniture or toy to make sure their environment smells familiar.

    Two white cats head-butting

  2. They groom each other. Feline friends will often help to keep each other clean by licking their pal’s fur. Let’s face it, you’d have to be pretty close to get that personal with your best mate! 

  3. They snooze together. Only true feline friends will be happy to share their precious sleeping space with another. They could simply touch paws, or have a full spooning session, just make sure they each have their own beds to retreat to for if they’d prefer to stretch out and be alone.

    Two tabby cats sleeping

  4. They touch noses. Instead of a cheery wave and a ‘hello’, moggy mates greet each other by raising their tail in the air and touching noses. Cat owners who’ve experienced a cold cat nose to the face will know that they sometimes greet humans in this way too.

  5. They hang out together. Whether playing with their toys, relaxing in the garden, or staring at you while you eat your dinner, cats with a close bond usually like to engage in their favourite activities together. Unlike us though, they prefer to eat and drink alone, so make sure their bowls are kept separate. 

    Black and tabby cat friends

  6. They have a rough and tumble. Don’t be alarmed if your cats engage in a bit of kitty wrestling with each other. So long as they have their claws in and they’re getting to take turns chasing each other, then it’s just a friendly play-flight that helps them burn off some energy.
Even if your kitties are best pals, they will still like some time alone every so often. Make sure they each have their own food bowl, scratch post and litter tray, plus one spare, and that they have plenty of places to hide and get away from their feline companion if they choose to.

Still not sure whether your cats are friends or foes? Take a look at our animation to find out more:

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  1. cats protection is a fabulous charity, we love cats and have four boys, they just eat all the time, these poor cats need you, they have no one else, I will leave a gift in my will tks so much

  2. I have three cats. They all eat together and sometimes sleep together. They are not all related but came in at different times. If you are very laid back they will be

  3. I am relieved to know that my cats actually do like each other, thanks to the 6 signs to look for. I live in a flat and they dont go out so i am happy knowing that they dont fight on the quiet when i am at work thank you.

  4. Our two boys are brothers (litter mates) so do spend time together but are very different personalities so one is more of a house cat than the other one. Who spends lots more time outdoors.

  5. We have 4 cats, a brother and sister pair and the sister's daughter, as well as a black cat (love 'em!). The brother and sister frequently cuddle up together; the daughter sometimes cuddles up to her uncle but rarely to her mother; and the black cat prefers humans anyway. All play with each other and with the dog!

  6. When the little Kitten adopted me nearly five years ago he gave me what I call a kitten kiss for my birthday by touching his nose to mine. I felt that he had accepted me and it felt so special to have this trust. Hw was abandonned in a small box when he was only six weeks old so I felt it right that I shold give him all the care I could. He has given me double in return.

  7. Awe that was a nice video. cats love each other.both Siamese. Brother and nice to see

  8. our cats are definately foes, they avoid each other like the plague. Will not share any space together and lay traps such as sitting in front of the catflap when the other cat wants to come in. fighting over our bedroom.

  9. all so true of my two old moggies . . . !