Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Cats Protection ‘movie star’ Kozal needs your votes!

Last year Cats Protection created a tear-jerking film telling the true story of a gorgeous ginger moggy and his search for a home in time for Christmas.

Sixteen-year-old Kozal had spent seven months at our National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex as he kept being overlooked by adopters again and again.

Then, in December, he was finally given a home by caring cat lover Jill Cash, and settled in straight away. Now he is getting ready to spend his second festive season in his forever home and Jill has kindly sent us another update on how he is doing.

ginger cat grooming his stomach
Kozal giving his fluffy tummy a groom
She said: “The 'movie star' is doing very well as you can see from the recent photos. His tummy was bald and pink when I got him but it is now fully grown over with white fur. He enjoyed the long hot summer lounging in the garden.

ginger cat on man's lap
Kozal loves a lap and a snuggle 
“He picked up a serious tummy bug in August which took three weeks of medication, jabs and love to clear up. Since then he seems to have mellowed even more and has even got himself a little tabby 'girlfriend' that he allows to visit. He loves to sit on any lap that is available and has successfully evicted me from my armchair. I think you could say he has definitely found his forever home.”

tabby cat in garden
Kozal's new 'girlfriend'
Kozal’s Christmas film has been viewed over 900,000 times since it was first released and it could now even win an award!

Cast your vote at and Kozal could be shortlisted for this year’s Charity Film Awards, giving him some much-deserved recognition!

Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy this year’s Christmas film, another true story featuring 12-year-old Evie and her special bond with a cat called Genie.

If you can offer a cat a cosy home in time for Christmas, visit and see the moggies ready for a home in your area.

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