Monday, 14 January 2019

How to create a cat-friendly home

Did you know that where you place items in your household might have a noticeable effect on how your cat behaves? The right environment is important for a cat – which is why they might seem stressed or disorientated in certain situations.

In aid of ‘organise your home’ day, we’re sharing advice on how to make your space appealing to your feline friend. Whether you’ve got a new cat or you’re looking to make life easier for your existing moggy, our top tips will help you create a cat-friendly home.

Setting up a place for your cat

1. Make sure the space is private – keep all guests, kids and dogs away.

2. Make the area safe by removing any potential hazards, trailing wires and poisonous items.

3. Provide a hiding space to make your cat feel safe. A box in a high place is ideal.

4. Add your cat’s essential items – you can find a full list here.

5. Provide some fun and games! Fishing rod toys, puzzle toys and feeding enrichment games are excellent additions.

Living room or downstairs bathroom – the perfect place for a litter tray

• Wherever you choose to place your cat’s litter tray, make sure it is in a quiet room that the cat always has access to. Some cats might struggle using a litter tray in areas of high footfall, such as the hallway or kitchen

• Avoid placing litter trays beside things that can be scary for the cat, such as beside washing machines or other appliances. Avoid exposed areas, such as beside glass patio doors where neighbouring cats might be able to see them toilet

• Unsurprisingly, cats can be reluctant to eat their food near to their litter tray. Keep the toileting area away from the eating area to keep your cat content

• Each cat should have its own litter tray. If you’ve got more than one cat, avoid having the trays next to each other

Kitchen – a place for your cat to eat and drink

• Cats don’t like to drink in the same place as where they eat. Place your cat’s water bowl and food bowl away from each other

• If your cat struggles to drink enough, try a water fountain. Cats often prefer moving water, making it a great alternative to a water bowl

Hallways and other rooms – a great spot for play

• If you’d like to have some time to yourself in the evening without being kneaded or head-butted, try putting an enrichment feeder in your hallway or another room in the house. If all rewards are given in one section of the house (ie: living room), that’s where the cat will be. If they learn that good things happen in other sections of the house, they are more likely to spend time there

Other tips

• Cats love to get up high – it can make them feel more relaxed. Try providing comfortable access to off-the-ground places and provide covered items for the cat in each room – a cardboard box is perfect

• Cats are often likely to scratch wherever they wake up or close to entrances and exit points if they feel unsure – these are often the ideal place to position a scratching post

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