Wednesday, 20 February 2019

How to love your human - advice for cats

As the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, we’re always giving cat owners advice on how to best look after their marvellous moggies.

However, as many cat lovers will know, it’s often the kitties themselves that are in charge, with their ‘owners’ becoming their faithful servants.

For Love Your Pet Day, we’re turning things on their head, giving cats some helpful advice on how to care for their beloved pets – us!

Give them an early start 

brown cat on bed with human woman

Your human is going to have a busy day of preparing your meals and clearing up after you, so they’ll appreciate you giving them a head-start with an early wake up call. Plus, dawn and dusk are when you’re naturally most active, so it would be incredibly rude of them to sleep through this time. The best way to wake them is either by demonstrating your best singing voice, or perhaps tapping their face with your paw – the purrfect sign of affection.

‘Help’ with their work 

tabby cat sitting on laptop

If your human has got some important work to do, why not make yourself useful and sit on whatever it is they are working on. This is a key duty of any purrsonal assistant, and plus, a warm laptop makes a cosy bed, so you both win!

Get involved at dinnertime 

grey tabby cat looking up at camera

When your human sits down to eat their dinner, they love nothing more than when you stare at them intently while they eat each mouthful. Showing them this kind of attention really lets them know you care.

Show them your tummy 

ginger and white cay lying on bed showing tummy

The best gift you can give your human is a good look at your lovely fluffy tummy. However, if they dare to come forward to give it a stroke, make sure you let them know that’s not ok. After all, you’ve got to treat them mean to keep them keen.

Give them a massage 

ginger cat paw on blanket

Once your human has sat down on the sofa for a relaxing evening, you can help make them even more comfortable by rhythmically digging your claws into their lap in a kneading action. This will help to relieve some tension in their muscles at a fraction of the cost they’d pay at a spa! If they start making ‘Ouch’ noises, that just means you’re doing an excellent job.

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