Wednesday, 17 April 2019

5 reasons why cats are masters of mindfulness

When life gets busy it can be easy to let things pass you by, so it’s important to take at least a few moments out of your day to be mindful of yourself and the world around you.

While we can sometimes struggle with the practice of mindfulness, our moggy mates really have it purrfected.

Here are some of the reasons why being more cat is good for our health.

1. They’re great at yoga

tabby cat stretching and yawning outside

Whether it’s the downward dog or the cat pose, kitties love a good stretch. Their flexible bodies help them to get into all sorts of impressive shapes – just be careful you don’t cause yourself an injury if you try to copy them.

2. They’re well-rested 

ginger kitten sleeping on floor

When it comes to sleeping, cats are true experts. Most moggies can clock up to 16 hours of snoozing a day, making sure they have plenty of energy for what’s left of it. Next time they’re taking a cat nap, why don’t you join them?

3. They live in the moment 

tabby kitten sleeping on back on fleece blanket

Worrying about the past or future isn’t a big concern for cats, as they like to live in the here and now. When they know that you’ve got their next meal covered and that they have a cosy place to sleep, they can relax without a care in the world.

4. They engage their senses

tabby and white cat close up outside

Cats are always stopping to notice the world around them, using their big ears to listen for unusual noises and their sensitive noses to scout out interesting smells, especially if it’s dinnertime! Even their whiskers help them to sense their surroundings, making sure they always know what’s going on.

5. They create their own calming sounds 

tabby cat lying on the floor and smiling

There’s no sound more relaxing than that of a purring cat and our lucky moggies get to hear it whenever they choose. Some people even believe that the frequency of a cat’s purr has healing qualities – all the more reason to give your cat some more of those purr-inducing chin rubs.

To find out more about cats and their curious behaviours, visit the Cats Protection website.

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