Monday, 25 November 2019

Cats Protection’s ‘Libby left behind’ Christmas animation is based on a true story

Freezing cold and starving hungry, little kitten Libby spent two whole weeks last winter lost in the countryside.

She had been abandoned with her four siblings down a quiet lane in Fareham, but had somehow become separated from her littermates and injured her little nose.

black kitten with an injured nose
Libby just after she was rescued from her ordeal 
While the other kittens were quickly rescued by Cats Protection’s Fareham Branch thanks to a report from a kind member of the public, there was no sign of the fifth kitten.

After a fortnight of searching, Libby was finally found thin and shivering down the dark lane. She was quickly given all of the warmth, food and care she needed, as well as being reunited with her brothers and sisters.

Now Libby’s incredible story has been turned into a heart-warming, festive animation to highlight the important work that Cats Protection does.

Not only did Libby fully recover from her wintery ordeal, she also quickly found a loving new home… and a new name!

black cat against grey background
Libby, now called Misty, in her new home
Now called Misty, she was adopted by Amy Smith who says: “Misty is the loveliest of cats, she always waits at the lounge door to greet us in the mornings and her happiness is shown by her loud purr and vibrating tail.

young girl with black cat
Amy's daughter Lily with her best friend Misty 
“Misty has settled amazingly well into our home, she has found a best friend in my daughter Lily and likes to follow her around the house. She also loves to chase bugs in the garden. We feel very lucky to have her.”

back cat in garden with paw in air
Misty having a scratch out in the garden 
Misty’s siblings; Lily, Becket, Desmond and Ramsey were also quickly adopted by other caring families and are happy and cosy in their new homes.

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  1. An enchanting story which made me cry. You wonder how people can dump kittens as if they were rubbish. Cats Protection League does wonderful work.

  2. Glad the story has a happy ending for all involved. :)

  3. I will NEVER understand how anyone could just dump or leave living sentient animals. NEVER! Thank goodness there was a happy ending... So glad Misty and her siblings found good homes.

  4. Such a sad can people be so cruel to innocent animals. I'm glad it ended well.

  5. What a lovely happy ending for all the kittens and their new owners !

  6. My cat is a rescue cat from the RSPCA. He was abandoned with his four siblings and mother in a cardboard box. I adopted him and he has lived with me for over 16 years.

  7. Thank you for rescuing Libby/Misty, Lily, Becket, Desmond and Ramsey. Whoever did that to them deserve Hell! No innocent animal should go through suffering like this.

  8. Wonderful that all were found and have such good homes now but I can't help wondering what happened to their mother?

  9. So glad there was a happy ending x

  10. So glad she was recused. But just wondering how they knew there was 5 kittens and not just 4.

    1. My guessing was the person that originally spotted them noticed 5 kittens but when the CP workers came out Libby/Misty had already fallen out the box and gone missing.

  11. Aug 2006 5 kittens and their mother were dumped in a cardboard box near a lake and were rescued by the Corby branch. Mum cat was adorable and quickly found a home. A couple with children took two and I had planned to take 2 but decided to keep the three remaining litter mates together. 2 remain (with a new rescue added 3 years ago) and they give me joy every day