Saturday, 1 August 2020

Hallie’s crazy cycling challenge raises money for cats

Eight-year-old Hallie Leborgne from Eastbourne is a self-confessed crazy cat lady, so when she decided to take on an equally crazy cycling challenge, she knew which charity to support. 

young girl wearing pink helmet and yellow jumper sitting on bike
Hallie ready to complete her crazy cycle

Hallie set herself the ambitious task of riding her bike 48 kilometres from Eastbourne to Heathfield and back again. 

After an already gruelling practice ride of 30 kilometres, on 5 July she was ready for the main challenge and completed it in an amazing five hours and 36 minutes. 

girl wearing pink cat jumper holding tabby cat
Hallie with her cat Bonnie

Kind sponsors helped her raise a fantastic £245 for Cats Protection, which will go towards helping the thousands of unwanted moggies in our care before they find new homes. 

“I have loved cats since the day I was born,” said Hallie. “My first cat was called Mr Harry Cat, he was a ginger tabby. He used to follow me everywhere and follow me when I rode my scooter around my street. I even have a book about him. 

black-and-white cat sitting on floor
Hallie's cat Mallie

“I now have a tabby cat called Bonnie and a black-and-white cat called Mallie. They often sleep on my bed. 

“I love cats so much my mummy calls me the crazy cat lady. I have cat bedding, cushions, clothes, ornaments and many more cat things. 

“I am doing this cycle so I can raise money for Cats Protection because I love cats and I want to help them as much as I can.”

tabby cat lying on back on the floor showing its tummy
Bonnie showing off her lovely tummy

If you’d like to complete your own crazy challenge for Cats Protection, our Nine Mile Challenge is back this September! Last year, hundreds of cat-lovers went roaming across the country to raise vital funds for cats.

Join the fun this year and get active by walking, running or cycling nine miles to help give cats and kittens their lives back. 

You can complete the challenge in your own way, so whether you do one big trek or a daily ride, your miles will help cats in need get back on their paws. 

Registration is open now at so make like a cat and roam free!

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  1. Well done Hallie! Big virtual high 5! What an amazing thing to do, 48km is an amazing achievement. I myself am doing the 9 mile challenge in memory of our dear kitten Cookie who is sadly no longer with us. I will be crawling a mile a day on all fours while dressed up as a black and white cat just like Cookie & your Mallie! If anyone including yourself would like to take a look at my challenge the #9milecookiechallenge will take you there or you could even check out her JustGiving page:
    Keep up the great work and together we can all help cats and kittens in need get back on their paws.

    All the best,

    Happi :-)