Friday, 18 September 2020

Purrfectly Imperfect: Three-legged Mylo is living life to the full

He may be missing a leg, but playful Mylo loves nothing more than chasing butterflies in the garden, jumping onto the bed for a cuddle and watching a bit of ‘Catflix’.

three-legged ginger-and-white cat sitting on navy blue sofa
Mylo doesn't let his disability hold him back

His owner Sarah Gooding adopted him from Cats Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Centre in 2018 and believes that #PurrfectlyImperfect cats have so much to give despite their disabilities.

I was looking at the local Cats Protection website for something for work (I work in charitable fundraising) and decided to have a look at the cats available with a colleague,” said Sarah.

blonde woman in burgundy jumper with ginger-and-white cat on her lap
Sarah with her cuddle buddy Mylo

“I'm a sucker for a sad animal story, and when I read the information on the website about how he had lost his leg something just clicked. I was living alone and had recently moved back to the area, and I thought Mylo could be the perfect companion for me, and I could help keep him safe and ensure he had the best possible life.”

Sarah hadn’t owned a cat since she was a child, let alone a disabled moggy, so she was happy to get some expert advice from the Cats Protection team.

three-legged ginger-and-white cat standing up at front door on welcome doormat
Mylo is loving his new home

“The staff at Cats Protection Birmingham were brilliant at explaining any additional care he would need which, it turns out, isn't a lot! He's just as mischievous as a four-legged cat.

“As it's one of his front legs missing he still has all the power of his back legs to jump etc, so he has no problem getting upstairs or jumping up on to furniture. Bringing him home was just like bringing home any other cat.

three-legged ginger-and-white cat sat on sofa with belly showing
Letting it all hang out 

“The main thing the staff pointed out was that I would need to monitor his weight, as being overweight could put a lot of extra pressure on his joints as it would be spread over only three legs.

“The staff also advised that he was very shy. He hadn't come out of his kitty castle much during his stay at Cats Protection, and would never go up into the display area of his pen, so I'd had to crawl in on my hands on knees when I went to see him! However, the day I took him home he curled up on the sofa next to me, but his head on my lap, and went to sleep!”

three-legged ginger-and-white cat laying in sunny spot on carpet
A sunny spot for a snooze

It didn’t take long for Mylo to settle into his forever home and he soon started to discover some new favourite hobbies.

“Mylo's favourite thing to do throughout the summer has been to visit our neighbour's garden which has a big buddleia bush and LOTS of butterflies. We didn't know this until our neighbour came round to let us know – luckily he hasn't been up to any mischief and our neighbour seems to have quite enjoyed watching him chase the butterflies!

“He likes to watch videos for cats on YouTube or, as we call it, 'Catflix'. His favourite is a Harry Potter-themed quidditch video where he tries to catch the golden snitch on the screen! 

three-legged ginger-and-white cat pawing at mouse on computer screen
Watching his favourite 'Catflix' show

“Mylo also has an incredible perception of time and our routine. He has worked out the signs for when we're about to go to bed, and always gets up from wherever he is sat and runs up the stairs ahead of us, and jumps on the bed before we get there. He does that every single night without fail.

“In the morning, he won't come downstairs until I do, even if my partner has been downstairs first. He is at my side all morning; next to the bed when I first wake up, laid next to me while I get ready, and even walks down the stairs with me. Most of the time my partner has already put his food out and called him, but he still won't go downstairs until I do.”

three-legged ginger-and-white cat laying upside down on a bed
'Helping' with the morning routine

Even a nationwide lockdown hasn’t phased lovely Mylo, as he’s still been as active as ever throughout 2020.

“Mylo is able to go out just like any normal cat, but he's certainly made the most of us being at home, as he has been coming home every 2-3 hours for a snack and a fuss before going out again.

“I do worry that he might find it strange when we go back to work, as having us both at home has certainly changed his routine, but I have found that he adjusts to changes in his surroundings amazingly well, especially given all he has been through in his short life so far!"

three-legged ginger-and-white cat sitting on desk next to laptop
The purrfect assistant while his owner works from home

Mylo has certainly proved that life on three legs can still be full of fun for a cat, and Sarah is keen for other potential cat owners to give a #PurrfectlyImperfect cat like Mylo a chance.

“It's just like owning an able-bodied cat! Just like all cats, Mylo can be aloof when he wants to, but most of the time he's very loving and I put this down to the experiences he's been through, and the time he's spent without a home. Other than keeping an eye on his weight, he has no additional needs to a 'normal' cat.

three-legged ginger-and-white cat laying on navy blue sofa
Mylo the #PurrfectlyImperfect three-legged cat

“The staff at Cats Protection were great at preparing me for what disabled cat ownership might look like, and really prepared me for the worst. The only thing is keeping an eye on his weight can be hard when he sits next to the treats cupboard and gives you 'the look'!”

You can follow Mylo’s antics on his Instagram page @MyloHops. He's also the cover star of the official Cats Protection 2021 calendar. You can get your paws on a copy from our online shop

For more help and advice on caring for #PurrfectlyImperfect cats with disabilities, visit


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