Thursday, 23 November 2017

Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution and help cats!

If you’re thinking of taking on a fundraising challenge for your 2018 New Year’s resolution, it pays to plan ahead. This Black Friday (24 November) to Cyber Monday (27 November), Cats Protection is offering free registration for a range of next year’s most exciting events, from marathons to skydives!

By the time January comes around, New Year’s pledges can easily fall to the bottom of your to-do list, but signing up early is a great way to motivate yourself and save a bit of money in the process! As well as challenging yourself, your hard work will also raise vital funds for the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, enabling us to help thousands of cats and kittens each year.

To join our team of #CatChampions, just choose one or more of the events listed below and then head to the Cats Protection website between 24-27 November to sign up for free. We’ll then support you with fundraising resources and training tips to help you raise as much money as possible for the cats in our care.

Cats Protection fundraising challenge event

Running events:

Brighton Marathon, 15 April 2018
With a stunning backdrop of the sea, the Brighton Marathon finishes on the seafront with 150,000 spectators and an unbeatable atmosphere.

Simplyhealth Great North Run, 9 September 2018
Starting in Newcastle upon Tyne, the 13.1-mile route takes runners through the city centre towards the River Tyne where thousands of people will cross over the iconic Tyne Bridge, where if you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of the Red Arrows passing overhead.

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, 14 October 2018
The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon takes place each October, starting and finishing in the stunning Hyde Park. Over 16,000 runners take part in the 13.1 mile route through central London, taking in the spectacular sites of the capital and the beautiful Royal Parks.

If you need more convincing, watch our video filmed at the Great North Run for inspiration.

Cycling events:

Prudential RideLondon - Surrey 100, 29 July 2018
2018 will see more than 25,000 amateur cyclists take on a cycling challenge like no other through London and Surrey on a similar route to that of the London 2012 Olympic Road Cycling Races.

Prudential RideLondon - Surrey 46, 29 July 2018
This new event was held for the first time in 2016 as part of the Prudential RideLondon festival of cycling. The sportive (remember, it’s not a race!) comprises a spectacular 46-mile route on traffic-free roads.

Extreme sports:

Cats Protection fundraising skydive challenge

Zip line
Zip World Velocity, Bethesda, is the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe. You will descend down the Big Zipper over the quarry lake often reaching speeds well in excess of 100mph!

Thrill-seekers can complete an exhilarating skydive to raise money for Cats Protection. Visit our national charity skydive provider by clicking here to choose your own location and date.

Walks and treks:

Save up to £10 when you sign up for one of our Ultra Challenge events before 25 December, including the South Coast Path Challenge, Thames Bridge Trek and even an expedition to the Great Wall of China!

Find out what it’s like to complete a trek for Cats Protection with our video.

Good luck with your #CatChampions challenge!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cats Protection teams up with Bob Mortimer to raise cash for kitties

We’ve joined forces with comedian Bob Mortimer and online gift company Wordynumnum to auction a unique signed print to raise much-needed funds for cats in our care.

The A1 sized artwork is a one-of-a-kind design by Wordynumnum, who have been producing limited edition cat-name prints since July this year. As part of the collaboration, Bob Mortimer took some time out of his schedule to speak to us about the project.

How did you get involved with Wordynumnum?

It is a project that I do on the side. I first met Lisa and Roma, the owners of Wordynumnum, when they worked in the costume department at the BBC. They used to make suits for me and Vic Reeves years ago and were particularly creative. When I decided to jokingly ‘sell’ cat names on Twitter earlier this year, they began to use the names and make cat-shaped prints out of them.

Have you got a cat?

I’ve always had cats. I think the first one was probably named by my mum and was called Billy. From then on, I always had cats called Billy. Billy one, Billy two and so on and so forth. I’ve got two cats at the moment, both orientals – one tabby and one tortie. They are called Goodmonson and Mavis but I’m always naming them different things. I probably give my cats different names each day!

What is it about cats that you love?

I have always loved cats. Black-and-white cats in particular – the black cats with the little white collars. I love the way that cats often come into people’s lives and have often had cats that have serendipitously come into my life. The first one was a stray that followed me to school, the second cat was a kitten that unfortunately fell into a cellar. I found my third cat when I was living in a homeless hostel in London.

Why did you choose to help Cats Protection?

Although I haven’t got a particular connection with Cats Protection, as I say, I love cats. I thought it would be a good idea to donate the money gained from these prints to a cat charity. So far, we’ve raised a good amount of money – over one particular weekend, we raised over £3,000. Although there has only been a limited run so far, we’re hoping to increase the amount and raise lots of money for Cats Protection by the end of the year.

If you fancy getting your paws on this unique piece of art, head to our website for more information. The auction will run from midday on Friday 24 November to Monday 27 November.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Keep your pets happy at home this Christmas with TrustedHousitters

It’s nearly Black Friday! So if you’re shopping for the best discounts this festive period, why not sign up with our partner TrustedHousesitters and receive 25% off their annual membership fee?

Christmas is fast approaching and you may be wondering who will look after your pets when you travel to see family over the festive period.

Cats Protection’s partner TrustedHousesitters may well have the solution you have been searching for. And what’s more, you can save a limited time only Black Friday 25% discount off an annual membership from 21-28 November! So whether you’re looking for a sitter or to be a sitter, don’t miss out and sign up between these dates to claim your discount and keep your pets happy this Christmas!

Cats Protection TrustedHousesitters discount code

We appreciate that leaving your pets when you go away can be a stressful time for both you and them. This is why we have partnered with TrustedHousesitters to help you keep your cat and any other pets you own happy and healthy at home when you travel. They offer the perfect solution to help avoid the stress and worry of who will care for your pets while you are away.

How to sign up

It’s easy to sign up for an annual TrustedHousesitters membership online. Simply visit the TrustedHousitters website and sign up as either a ‘Home and Pet Owner’ or a ‘Housesitter’.

To claim the limited time only 25% membership discount, make sure you use the code CATSPROTECTION02 at the checkout.

You will also be supporting Cats Protection too, as TrustedHousesitters will make a donation to Cats Protection for every new membership using this code.

Happy holidays!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Mature Moggies Week: Adopt an older cat!

Cats Protection’s Mature Moggies Week (13-17 November) is almost over and we hope that it has convinced you to consider adopting an older cat.

These older feline companions take four times longer to home than their younger counterparts, but have just as much love to give.

Cats Protection Mature Moggies Week

If you still need some more encouragement then take a look at these lovely stories from proud owners of senior kitizens, discover how ‘older cats’ might be younger than you think and see the benefits of owning a mature moggy over an energetic kitten. You can also learn some top tips for caring for cats aged 11 years and older by taking the mature moggies quiz!

“It’s a shame that older cats stay with us longer as they have a lot to offer,” said Mark Beazley, Director of Operations at Cats Protection. “Their characters are fully formed so you know what sort of cat you’re getting. Life in a pen is no substitute for a permanent home, so we would urge people to consider adopting an older cat.”

Still unsure about adopting a mature moggy? Take a look at some of the adorable kitties that could be warming your lap very soon…

Holly, 14 yrs
Older cat Holly from Cats Protection’s Dereham Adoption Centre
Branch/centre: Cats Protection’s Dereham Adoption Centre
Contact details: 01362 687 919
Holly can be a little shy until she gets to know you, then she likes a fuss. She has been known to sit on laps but needs to build up a bond with you first. We understand she can be fearful of children and would prefer to be the only pet in the household.

Squish, 14 yrs
Older cat Squish from Cats Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Centre
Branch/centre: Cats Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Centre
Contact details: 01564 822 020
Squish is a mature lady who is looking for a quiet home with no children or other pets. Once she gets to know you, she adores a fuss and is always ready for a cuddle and a snooze in front of the TV. Her ideal owner would be someone like her who enjoys a calm environment.

Cheeky, 13 yrs
Older cat Cheeky from Cats Protection’s Glasgow Adoption Centre
Branch/centre: Cats Protection’s Glasgow Adoption Centre
Contact details: 0141 779 3341
Cheeky is a friendly girl but doesn’t like a fuss and will come up to you in her own time. She’d be an ideal pet in a quiet household with no children or other pets. Cheeky craves adventure so a home with a garden to explore would be ideal.

Simbi, 15 yrs
Older cat Simbi from Cats Protection’s Rayleigh, Castlepoint & District Branch
Branch/centre: Cats Protection’s Rayleigh, Castlepoint & District Branch
Contact details: 01268 750 831
Simbi is looking for a loving new home after her owner passed away suddenly. At 15 years young, Simbi plays more like a kitten and displays impressive ping pong dribbling skills. She is a real character, always pleased to see you and often adopting a ‘ballerina’ pose with one leg in the air. Simbi is on medication for thyroid issues, but takes this well. She is also deaf so would benefit from a secure outdoor space to laze around in. Simbi with would best suit a home with no other pets.

Mishka, 13 yrs
Older cat Mishka from Cats Protection’s Crawley, Reigate & District Branch
Branch/centre: Cats Protection’s Crawley, Reigate & District Branch
Contact details: 0345 371 2734
Mishka is wonderfully young-at-heart. She is a friendly feline who has previously been a faithful lapcat, but came into care after her owner emigrated. She has no medical needs and would be best suited to a home with no children or other animals.

To find more mature moggies waiting for their forever home, visit the Cats Protection website.

If you’re the proud owner of a senior kitizen, show the world just how amazing they are by leaving a comment below or sharing your photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MatureMoggies.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Mature Moggies Week: Older cat care

Mature Moggies Week caring for your older cat

It’s Mature Moggies Week (13-17 November), a chance for Cats Protection to raise awareness of the older cats that take four times longer to home than their younger counterparts.

To find out why senior kitizens are so often overlooked, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity conducted some research on the topic. The survey revealed the following reasons stopping people from adopting an older cat:
  • fear that it won’t live long (72%)
  • concerns over health (56%)
  • the cost of nursing an old cat back to health (40%)
It’s clear that the health of mature moggies is a major worry, but the reality is that cats are living longer thanks to advances in their care. Average life expectancy has risen and quality of life has improved, with many cats living into their late teens and even early 20s in great health.

For extra peace of mind, all current residents of Cats Protection have received a full health check and come with a full medical history.

If you’re already the lucky owner of a mature moggy, Cats Protection has put together some top tips to help you care for them.
  1. Get bi-annual vet checks – many vets offer regular health checks for cats aged 11 years or older that include blood pressure measurement and urine testing to ensure any issues can be detected early. Conditions such as arthritis, dental disease, diabetes and kidney disease are all treatable and are better identified earlier than later. Speak to your vet about how often your mature moggy should be checked over.
  2. Provide an age-appropriate diet – older cats prefer to be fed little and often and lots of commercial pet food brands offer a 'senior' product tailored just for their nutritional needs. Speak to your vet about ensuring your cat has a suitable diet and remember to make any changes slowly.
  3. Check for signs of pain – with your cat’s eyesight and hearing likely to deteriorate in old age, their environment will need to be adapted. Make sure all of your cat’s resources (food, water, bed and litter tray) are in easily accessible locations and look out for signs of stiffness and a reluctance to jump up or down, as these could be signs of arthritis. If you spot these signs or any other changes, speak to your vet.
To find out what sort of care your cat needs, take our Mature Moggies quiz. Simply enter your cat’s age and we’ll give you some advice for ensuring they stay happy and healthy.

To find out more about mature moggies, visit the Cats Protection website.

If you’re the proud owner of a senior kitizen, show the world just how amazing they are by leaving a comment below or sharing your photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MatureMoggies.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Mature Moggies Weeks: Older cats vs kittens

When adopting a cat, less than a quarter (24%) of people have said they would be likely to consider an older cat aged 11 years or older. This sad statistic has come from a survey carried out by Cats Protection to find out why mature moggies in their care are so often overlooked.

Senior kitizens take four time longer to find a home than their younger counterparts and so Cats Protection has launched Mature Moggies Week (13-17 November) to raise awareness of older cats waiting patiently for new owners.

Research carried out by the UK’s leading feline welfare charity found that older cats take an average of 33 days to be adopted, while kittens are typically adopted in just eight days. In a survey, 47% of people said they would be unlikely to consider adopting an older cat, compared to 68% who said they would be likely to consider a kitten.

To enlarge, click on the image
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One reason given for being unlikely to adopt a mature moggy was that older cats are not very playful, but many proud cat owners would argue that this is not the case.

In fact, owning a mature moggy has many benefits and, for some, may even be a better option than adopting a kitten. According to cat owners, the top three benefits of owning an older cat are:
  • they are calmer (58%)
  • they don’t want to leave the house as much (54%)
  • they feel like they are more of a family member (52%)
If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, check out our video to see why an older cat may be the best option for you…

To find out more about mature moggies, visit the Cats Protection website.

If you’re the proud owner of a senior kitizen, show the world just how amazing they are by leaving a comment below or sharing your photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MatureMoggies.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Mature Moggies Week: What is old?

It’s Mature Moggies Week (13-17 November), a chance to celebrate all the senior kitizens snoozing in their forever homes or waiting patiently in Cats Protection’s care for a new owner to give them the love they deserve. Older cats take four times longer to home than their younger counterparts, but when exactly does a cat become ‘old’?

A survey conducted by Cats Protection revealed that a lot of people are confused by what actually is ‘old’ for a cat and what their equivalent age is in human years.

For example, 23% of people said that they would consider any cat aged over five years as ‘older’, but only 16% of people correctly guessed that a five-year-old cat is actually only 36 in human years.

Less than 4% of people knew that a one-year-old cat is 15 years old in human years, as most thought the correct answer was five years old.

This confusion perhaps comes from the fact that there aren’t always seven human years to every cat year. The number actually varies, as cats grow up faster in the first few years.

To help you work out how old you cat is in human years, Cats Protection has put together this useful guide…

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To find out what care your cat needs at their current stage in life, take the Mature Moggies quiz on the Cats Protection website. Simply input your cat’s age and we will give you some advice on how best to care for them.

If you’re the proud owner of a senior kitizen, show the world just how amazing they are by leaving a comment below or sharing your photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MatureMoggies.