Friday, 10 June 2011

Out and about with our Chief Executive

After that welcome to the new Cats Protection blog, how can anyone resisting posting? There’s so much to say!

Peter Hepburn

I’m very lucky, as the charity’s Chief Executive, to have been to Cornwall and Devon recently, meeting volunteers and staff who care for cats and also meeting some beautiful cats too. The lucky ones who come into our care really are treated royally.

I went to the Family Fun Day run by Cats Protection’s St Austell & District Branch, an event designed to raise funds for the cat work and also raise awareness. Everyone had put in a vast amount of work. We invited many other local and national animal charities to come along and local organisations that care about cats and other animals too.

I also recently wrote to thank a very generous supporter and gave details of the funds going to two branches which carry out a huge amount of cat work, but are down to their last few pounds. The gift has made a huge difference to the work they can do and provided a big boost to the morale of the volunteers there. Lucky cats!

I’d love to tell you more, but I’d better make way for others to post their stories.

Peter Hepburn


  1. Great to hear this as I'm sure the cats in Devon & Cornwall would have been delighted to meet you - Mischa and I are based in Glasgow - a fellow feline follower from Pru via Facebook

  2. i am a proud owner of 6 cats 4 are strays and 2 are my twins a.also feed 3 who come around my door. my 3 toms have bee nauted and my girls have bee spayed i am a member of cats protection .they do a worthly job.