Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Help cats like Maxwell in our Big Dinner Appeal

Thin and in terrible condition, Maxwell was found roaming a Scottish hillside by Cats Protection volunteers. He was starving but every time we gave him food, poor Maxwell was terribly sick. Finally, a debilitating disease called colitis was diagnosed.

We started Maxwell on a very strict diet of special hypoallergenic food. It’s made a huge difference – he’s no longer sick or in pain. And thanks to our supporters, we will be able to fund Maxwell’s special diet until he is rehomed. Now this lovely boy can look forward to years of health and happiness!

Maxwell in Cats Protection's care
Donations will allow us to fund Maxwell’s special diet until he is rehomed
Maxwell is just one of thousands of cats we feed every day.

Can you support our Big Dinner Appeal to help us feed each cat the specific food they need, whether that’s special milk for kittens, extra food for malnourished cats or special diets for poorly cats like Maxwell?

You can find out more or donate to our Big Dinner Appeal at

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