Thursday, 12 November 2015

Lost cat – what to do if your cat goes missing

If your cat hasn’t come home, don’t panic! Cats will often go ‘missing’ only to arrive home later that evening – or in some cases months later – as though nothing has happened!

Follow the advice in this guide:

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Thoroughly check every nook and cranny of your house and any outdoor buildings such as garages and sheds. Let your neighbours know and ask them to do the same.

Create flyers and posters including a good description of your cat, the gender, age, colour, eye colour and any distinguishing features they may have. Include a photo and a phone number. Distribute them around the local area. You can download a free template at:

Post details of your missing cat on cat-related social media pages and groups too, like the national Cats Protection Facebook page. Pages relevant to your area are even better as locals can keep their eyes peeled. Post photos on your own social media profiles too to notify all your friends.

Contact local vets – all practices in the area, not just your own.

If your cat is microchipped, inform Petlog and they will automatically send out an alert to animal professionals (who have signed up for the service) within a 30 mile radius of where your cat went missing.

Check local rescues to see if your cat has been handed in. Find your local Cats Protection’s contact details by entering your postcode at

Keep your cat safe. Ensure they’re vaccinated, neutered and microchipped to protect them if they do wander away from home.

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  1. my rosie been missing sins January 22 20015 from overtonroad Kirkcaldy fife I have look ever where on mssing cats like facebook and other missing cat site no luck finding rosie

  2. Hi :-) can any fellow cat lovers spare a quick 2 seconds to sign my petition fighting for our kitties rights? thanks x

  3. My cat Bella is missing. She has never spent a night out in 8 years
    We looked tonight and found her less than half a mile away much less but she is very timid by nature and ran from garden to garden. We are in Blisworth she is a small chocolate brown cat with s white spot on her chest and a saggy tummy. Oh and she runs way quicker that I. She is spaed and chipped we posted on local village face book and I have left scent trailed back home but I'm heart broken can't eat can't sleep but in this heat who can. I have even scattered a bit of her used litter hoping she will pick up a scent when shbfeel brave enough to come out. She may be a timid house or garden cat but I love my cat she is the second daughter I never had and my heart is in my mouth and I feel sickvlk with worry for her.. trouble is we know roughly where she is this is really breaking my heart. She is no old at 8bl well rang chip company and local vets I feel his lost without her in really
    My number is Keith 07970 791810 or 01604 881234. I work fobr then NHS can't get out yo search toll evening but my wife might .. I am so heart.broken she is like the second daughter I never hand. I feek sick ant hemp aprecated thank you x