Friday, 18 November 2016

Don’t give grooming the brush off

Our Haslemere Adoption Centre recently had the lovely Autumn brought into their care after she’d spent some time living outside. Her coat was heavily matted because it hadn’t been groomed.
Fur can become matted when a cat’s undercoat sheds (moults) and gets trapped under the top layer of fur. Poor Autumn was in a lot of discomfort but after a much-needed clipping treatment, she is on the road to recovery.

Autumn before her clip
Autumn before her clip – her whole body was a solid hard lump!
Clipping Autumn's cat hair
Starting to clip along Autumn’s back
Matted cat fur coming away
The whole side of her coat coming away in a complete matt
One side of matted cat hair removed
One side removed
Why longhaired cats need daily grooming
This picture really shows how trapped poor little Autumn was under the matts
Matted longhair from a Persian cat
The matted hair
Matted hair can swamp a cat if not groomed
With all this fur off, the tiny underweight cat is revealed underneath
Underside of cat pelt removed
The underside of all the pelt removed 
Top of removed cat pelt
The top of the removed pelt
These pictures really stress the importance of grooming longhaired cats regularly. If you struggle to groom your cat, ask your vet for advice.

To find out more about cat care, read our Caring for your cat leaflet

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