Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Tiny kittens rescued from under a bush after mother is hit by car

Four tiny kittens were bundled into a cardboard box and saved from almost certain death after their nursing mother was killed on the road. 

Cats Protection mobilised staff from two of its Norfolk centres, thanks to a quick-thinking passer-by who rescued the desperate kittens from under a bush.

tabby kittens in a box

At around three weeks old, the kittens were not strong enough to fend for themselves and would have struggled to survive if they had not been found so quickly and rushed into the expert care of Cats Protection.

The dramatic rescue started on Saturday morning, when a man appealed for help at Cats Protection’s Downham Market Adoption Centre.

Centre Manager Lindsay Tempest said: “He rushed down our drive and said that he had a number of feral cats in his garden in Outwell. Sadly, one of them, the kittens’ mum, had been found dead in Stow Road that morning. He had seen her moving some kittens under a bush a few days before and he was desperate for our help. 

tabby kittens in a box

“We told him to bring the kittens straight to us and, within a very short time he returned with four tiny kittens in a cardboard box. Amazingly, they were clean, warm and a good weight. They’d obviously had their breakfast with mum just before she tragically ventured onto the road, so they had a fighting chance.”

The tabby kittens’ tender age meant they would need to be hand reared, which presented its own problems. 

Lindsay said: “Normally this would not be an issue but we are working on a skeleton staff during lockdown and didn’t have anyone here to help. Thankfully, our neighbouring Dereham Adoption Centre arranged to take them in and just a few hours later they were safely snuggled up, receiving round-the-clock care from one of their team.”

The kittens will remain in care until after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted and they are well enough to find new homes. Please keep an eye on their website to find out when the kittens are available for adoption. 

To find out more about what services Cats Protection can offer during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, visit

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  1. They are so lovely, is it possible to have one of them to add to my family as I already one one like them three years again from your cat centre and we are really in love with her but wants another for her please. I trust the kittens s from your centre.